Room for rent.

Room for rent in Hayes Valley/Alamo Square, available March 1 or thereafter. We’re on Hayes Street, just up from the shops and restaurants, and just down from Alamo Square’s painted ladies. There’s a small closet, a nice wood floor, and a large window. It’s 10′ x 12′. $1250 covers everything: PG&E, high-speed internet, and biweekly housekeeping. And boy are we awesome housemates!

We four are all well-rounded and easy going guys. We share a fully equipped kitchen, large dining room, two full baths, double washer/dryer laundry, & garden. There’s room in the garage and in the flat too for odds and ends, but no parking. We’re near CityCarShare and ZipCar pods. Very easy buses to downtown and across town outside (route 21 and 22). But you can walk to almost everything!

Cats are also included: three blithe felines, who may, or may not, choose to hang out with you, and/or recognize your existence (depending on treats). Please come meet us!

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